Berks Jazz Fest Logo

Check out the logo concept I designed for the 2010 Berks Jazz Fest. It was originally entered into the Berks Jazz Fest Logo Contest. In the past years, logos for the Jazz Fest had consisted of the same elements (ie: man playing trumpet, man playing saxaphone, man playing bass, etc.) I wanted to create a […]

New & Improved

Flirty Fitness website launches today! This was a redesign of an existing site. I simply gave it a ‘flirty’ makeover. Lots of web sites in the pipeline. I need to get busy.


I revamped the RAD design web site. How does it look? Still working out some kinks. I was tired of the flash site. And tired of waiting for it to load. This is a much more simpler design. Simple is easy to follow.

RAD tattoo

Commissioned to design a rad tattoo and logo! I don’t normally draw tattoos but I’m eager to draw something new! I’m really excited about designing the logo. Something edgy.